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Tree Lopping
Coffs Harbour & Bellingen

Andrew’s Tree Service (Trecycling) looks after all your pruning, trimming, removal and mulching needs in the Coffs Harbour, Dorrigo & Bellingen Area.


Tree Cleaning Services

Tree Cleaning Services

Removal of dead or weakly attached from the crown of a tree.

Tree Thinning Services

Tree Thinning Services

Selective branch removal to improve structure and light penetration.

Tree Raising Services

Tree Raising Services

Remove lower branches from a tree for clearance.

Tree Reduction Services

Tree Reduction Services

Reduces the size of a tree, often for utility line vegetation control clearance.

Electric Pole Certified Tree Services

Electric Pole Certified Tree Services

Qualified and certified to operate near electric wires.

Tree Climber Services

Tree Climber Services

Experienced climbers for protection of property.

Tree Removal Services

Tree Removal Services

Whole tree removal.

Tree Maintenance Services

Tree Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance contracts, yearly or seasonally.

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Pruning and removing larger trees is a dangerous task and best to consult a professional. Andrew’s Tree Services performs all tree pruning services for young or established trees.

Tree Services Chipper tTruck


Before you commence any tree pruning work on your property, make sure you have received the right information regarding tree pruning, there are heavy fines for improper and illegal tree pruning, not just for the arborist but for the home owner as well.

Heavy Machinery For Tree Removal

Fully Qualified & Insured

Don’t take risks with your property or safety. Call a qualified professional tree loper for all your tree loping jobs.

Expert Tree Climber

No tree is too big for our tree climbers. We are certified and experienced to do the job.

Complete Tree Services

Andrew’s Tree Services comes with all the equipment needed for big or small jobs.



Andrew and the team aim to provide you with the best value and service. We want you to be able to say it was a job well done from start to finish.

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To arrange accurate and reliable quoting – Call or message on 0439 366 808 or send an email to [email protected].

Free Quotes

We come to inspect the job and your property. We will provide you an accurate proposal for the work to be performed.

Turn Up – ON TIME

We will give you accurate dates and times so you and your surrounds will be ready and informed.

Clean Up

We will leave the site cleared of debris. You will not have to clean up after us. Now that’s a job well done.

Bellingen Valley Tree Services

Andrew’s Tree Services are located in the centre of town in Bellingen. We have quick access to all the Bellingen Valley. We provide a free quote for tree pruning, tree removal and chipping services.

If you are in an emergency situation then please call us at any time, we will get the team and the tools to get you out of trouble.